About Us


Established in 1969 as Alfa Ticaret Komandit Şirketi in Karaköy/Perşembe Pazarı, our company has established a solid position in the industry without compromising on quality and always prioritizing customer satisfaction. In 1991, we continued our journey with the title of Limited Company and continued to provide quality service to our valued business partners. With an annual capacity of 35-40,000 tons, our company is in a leading position in the steel sector. Setting the quality standards in automatic steel, our company takes pride in being the first to introduce automatic steel to Turkey and take the first step to ensure its use. We continue our services with our first warehouse in Zeytinburnu, our state-of-the-art 7,500m² cold drawing facility in Gebze, and our new storage facility covering 8,000m² in Gebze. We continue to be a reliable business partner by offering competitive prices and high-quality products to our customers with the desired supply period.

Our Mission

Our mission at Alfa Otomat is to continuously improve quality and develop innovative solutions to provide our customers with the highest level of value in the automatic industry. We work diligently to understand our customers' needs and provide products and services that meet their expectations. Additionally, we aim to take responsibility for sustainability and environmental impact, adding value to society and the environment. As the AlfaOtomat we are committed to maintaining and improving our successes in the industry by always prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

We constantly follow the technology to meet the needs of our customers and aim to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by providing the highest quality products. We are constantly improving ourselves in order to maintain our leadership in the sector and become a globally recognized brand.

Our Quality Policy

Our company has taken it as a primary task to provide customer satisfaction at the highest level by offering high quality products in steel vending machine production. Our quality management system and quality policy are constantly updated to meet customer needs every time, together with current legal and regulatory requirements, and are communicated in an understandable way by our employees.Our corporate structure establishes mutually beneficial relationships with external providers by adopting a process-oriented approach. By making analyses based on real data, it increases the participation of employees with effective communication, determines risks in advance and aims to continuously improve with a preventive approach.Ensuring the health and safety of employees Decently by keeping occupational health and safety standards at the highest level is also among our priorities.Our corporate structure, which has adopted the process approach, establishes relationships based on mutual benefit with external providers, our control structure by conducting analyses with real data, establishing effective communication, increasing the participation of employees in system work, determining risks in advance , it has adopted continuous improvement in its processes as a principle with a preventive approach.